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Agriturismo Aia Vecchia di Montalceto

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mercoledì 3 marzo 2010

The Terre di Siena Nature Train

If the train is a means of trasport , then the Nature Train is a time machine.
That's what it feels like to its passengers.
The Nature Train project is based on a moddel currently fashionable in Europe and America.
That's why the trains are always packed with foreign tourists.
Over the years . every form of " slow tourism " , from cycling to hourse riding and trekking , has become extremely fashionable , with tourist railways , particulary historical ones , more and more popular.
Who can fail to be moved climbing aboard a centoporte carriage drawn by a vintage engine such as a 640 ?
Or one of the fumigant cofee- makers with our father and grandfathers took , to the accmpaniment of whistles , squeals and hissing pistons ?
There are numerous unusual itineraries to be followed leading through irresistibly beatifull scenery.
You can alight in romantic stations , following adventurous pathways to churches , villages and catles , lingering for a " degustazione " at a farm or in a cellar , making the most of a local sagra or village festival on your way.
Consequently, Tuscany0s most tipical scenery can be enjoyed not just from the train but trough first hand conct with the region's culture ,gastronomy and folklore.

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