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Agriturismo Aia Vecchia di Montalceto

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martedì 2 marzo 2010

Recipes of Tuscan Cuisine Tuscan bread

Tomake tuscan bread , notoriosly salt-free , knead the flour with the yeast and enough water to obtain the right consistency.
knead the dough very well , then cover it with a dry cloth and leave it the rest for about 6 hours.
then knead the dough again , divide into 5 parts and shape them in the form of loaves.
Lightly score the top of each loaf with a knife , bake in a moderate oven ( 220 °) for about 40 minutes intil the crust is golden and crunchy.
The bread is done when inside is dry andfluffy and the crust is crunchy.
this is a perfect bread to be sliced and used for " bruschette " , " crostini " and " fettunta"
Buon Appetito

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