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Agriturismo Aia Vecchia di Montalceto

Agriturismo Aia Vecchia di Montlaceto

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Agriturismo Aia Vecchia di Montalceto

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sabato 27 febbraio 2010

Pecorino, kind in the temple of flavor

This names are reminiscent of the magic potions from Gothic fairy tales.
Artemisia , Goat's Beard , Sweet Cicely.
And then Musk Milfoil , Popolino, Bird's-foot trefoil.
These aren't however , at least in our case , ingredients for the mortar of the Wizard Merlin , but the names of those valiant wild herbs that grow in the chanting lunar landscape between the gullies and badlands of Sienese Clay Hills.
This fragrant nad natural bouquet is the hero of the tastiest and most appetizing miracle of Pecorino cheese.

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